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Sandra Smith is a passionate Personal Growth coach and Transformational speaker who helps you create your Ideal Life according to your Personal Code. Her mission is to help others live an authentic life by going after what's most important to them. You can contact her today!


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Transformational Training From Personal Growth Expert Sandra Smith

Transformational Training From Personal Growth Expert Sandra Smith


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Get What You REALLY Want Without the Guilt by Sandra Smith

This great book will help, encourage, and strengthen you to live your BEST life. Readers voted this book their #1 Personal Favorite because Sandra's writing is easy to understand, you get valuable tools to make the necessary changes, and she helps you create the life you REALLY want.

“This book shows you how to release your brakes, overcome your limitations
and achieve your full potential!”
— Brian Tracy, Eat That Frog!
“Sandra made a practical guide for changing your life. In order to get what you really
want, you need to have an action plan and she supports you with this. A
great book that will stimulate you to take the next step.”
–Marie Diamond, featured Teacher in The Secret
“In Get What You Really Want Without the Guilt, author Sandra Smith shows you that life change is not a mystery but rather a process. With candor, warmth and pragmatism, she takes you by the hand and leads you past resistance and doubt toward the life you secretly crave but have been afraid is out of reach. Not anymore!”
–Libby Gill, the Dr. Phil Show, author of You Unstuck
“No matter who you are or where you come from, this book will help you start living
your most amazing life! This book not only tells you that it is possible to
live your gives you a step by step map and workbook to get you there.”
–Barbara Niven, award winning actress, celebrity speaker, best-selling author

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About Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith believes that when you're solid and happy on the inside, everything else is better on the outside. As a passionate Personal Growth coach and speaker, Sandra helps you create your Ideal Life according to your Personal Code. She owns Aspire Seminars, is an award-winning speaker, the author
of two books, and a certified life coach. Her clients range from entrepreneurs to corporate employees. As part of her mission to give back, she helps single mothers on welfare become self-sustaining women.
If you want to live your Best life, Sandra is ready to help you make that happen! Contact her today!