“This is going to sound weird, but, you gave me a bit more courage to be myself. After hearing you speak, I realized that I rarely act like myself. I’m not sure why I don’t live as my authentic self. My goal is to do the exercises in your book because I truly believe that it’s my time to live life as myself.”

“Your seminar inspired me to take action and start to pursue what it will take to become a Police Officer. I have just began the process and it is very early in the game. It appears that it is attainable with some work on my part. I have began power walking and running 6 miles every night with my wife and eating right 15 pounds off since your seminar another 100 or so to go. Just getting up and doing something about it has made the motivation to continue on the journey much easier. Thank you I will keep you posted along the journey. Its funny how you know what you need to do but don’t until you hear it in the right form from someone else.”

“Of all the classes I have taken with the state and in ministry, this truly was the most meaningful for me. I realized that I have allowed bad choices, which usually were wrapped around taking care of someone else or pleasing someone else hoping I would find happiness, to get me where I was 2 and a half years ago. I have been on a journey to find myself and my destiny, and like you my hope is to help others to realize we do have choices and the right to make good ones. It is not selfish to say no to someone that is standing in the way of our destiny, instead of feeling as if we have to settle because we are not valuable enough. Slowly but surely I am growing out of those choices. You have definitely encouraged me. I have my 3 ring binder and am on my way to wherever and whatever I have been called to do.”

“After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December 2004, my health forced me to leave the warehouse and transition to an office job. I started working at the office 4 years ago and it has been a struggle to find a "fit". Your talk helped me to see that by focusing, doing the work (even though I might HATE it) that I can again find passion in my work. Thank you for inspiring me. Now I know that it is OK to HATE going to the gym--- but as long as I go, I don't have anything to feel guilty about.”

“As a manager I need all the skills that I can get to cope with the stresses and demands placed on me as well as the ones that I place on myself. I found your course interesting and helpful. Being able to sort the origin of the source (work- personal-financial) as well as deciphering what you can and can’t control and then controlling how you react instead of just reacting are valuable skills.” 

“I have attended many management training programs, leadership conferences, and technical training seminars throughout my thirty-year career in the field, and I can honestly say that you are one of the best, if not the best, Facilitator I’ve encountered.” 
–Dave Kolakowski, Senior Director, Hawaiian Airlines

“Sandra’s presentations are always high energy, informative and fun.  She does a great job engaging the audience.  Attendance is always high when Sandra is in the house!”
–Nancy Griese, Vice President, Costco Wholesale

“As the facilitator for High Performance Work Teams at Boeing, I want you to know how much I enjoyed your seminar.  You were not only humorous, but entertaining and creative in your approach.  You were such a pleasure and I left that day feeling inspired, re-energized and full of great ideas that I could not wait to share with my team.”
–Tammy Sullivan, Employee Facilitator, The Boeing Company

I will NEVER forget you or the date because you changed my life. Jennifer T., Honolulu, HI

I really, really enjoyed Sandra – I will definitely use her information to change my life. Thank you for selecting her for a speaker.
Tina N., San Francisco, CA

Great motivation to use Sandra’s tools; really gave me a boost; thank you Sandra. Letitia B., Dededo, Guam

I would come to another Clemson University conference just to hear Sandra. Her message and presentation are awesome.
Rachael D., Seattle, WA

The best! Motivational, instructional, knowledgeable, fun, humor – this segment was the best. Deidra W., Washington, DC

Loved presentation; loved speaking style, kept me entertained as well as was able to effectively teach; also used her time very efficiently.
Mary D., Irvine, CA

She made the conference worth attending – she is fabulous – has a great message and great presentation and performance.
Caryn S., Honolulu, HI

Please make sure she comes back next year – FANTASTIC! Jack T., Tuscon, AZ

Very direct, very informative, very fun. Trisha G., Long Beach, CA

Sandra is dynamic; she engages the group w/ enthusiasm; our highlight for the day – truly inspirational. Linda C., Wasilla, AK

Amazing teacher! Have her back again. Her message is powerful and she is fun!! Mary B., Olympia, WA

Very enthusiastic – she held my attention. Marlene A., Mesa, AZ

Excellent speaker – useful ideas. Marie C., Bellevue, WA

Fabulous speaker! Very inspiring!!! Bought the book and plan to read and share with others. Jolene R., Portland, OR

Her personality was encouraging and created a great atmosphere; very positive presentation. Kara D., Anaheim, CA

Loved her! I have so many things to take away – I bought the book. Sandra really connects w/her audience. I now have choices.
Eileen S., Bremerton, WA

She really packed a lot of information into the hour. She used repetition that will really stick the points in my head.
Jackie P., Phoenix, AZ

Sandra added an extra “unf” to the seminar. Listening to her, you could believe. I purchased her book. Billie G., Los Angeles, CA

Great energy and useful. James N., Greensboro, NC

Personable, motivating, uniquely genuine, humorous, great interaction with audience, connected with audience. Deanna L., Dallas, TX

Very good – would like another class with her. Frankie A., Boise, ID

Very amusing. Fran K., Kansas City, MO

Very good – great at getting the subject across in a positive way. Charlotte N., Missoula, MT

Love her style of teaching a daily mantra...Joy and Stress; I will be checking my level throughout the day. Jean L., St. Louis, MO

I would attend other presentations of Sandra’s – bring her back. Sharon Z., Salt Lake City, UT

Great speaker! Enjoy this speaker very much. Great ideas to use at work and home – Joy and Stress. Vicky B., Phoenix, AZ

Sandra made the day, she was wonderful – great instructor. Belinda T., Shreveport, LA

Great and interesting speaker. Pete W., Washington, DC

Sandra interacted with her group drawing them into her experiences with fun, but bringing great style to a valuable communication/stress message. Melissa T., Dallas, TX

Awesome! Another fun speaker to listen to and great tools to take back to the office; Great attitude! Lots of fun! Kylie M., Oakland, CA

Great audience involvement – great fun speaker. Olga S., Denver, CO

Truly a great session – I got so much that I can take away and apply to my personal and business use! Nancy B., , San Diego, CA

Good technique to remember without too many notes – “Mantras are good!” Tara J., Honolulu, HI

Love, love, love her style – great message. Shaunda P., Detroit, MI

Fun, dynamic, info we can all use right away – wish we had more time with her. Colleen C., Eugene, OR

Well prepared – good material. Ron W., Bellingham, WA

What a wonderful character! Makes me wish the conference was longer! Rita M., Arvada, CO

Very motivating; excellent speaker. Phyllis R., Irving, TX

Very engaging, inter-active, positive AMEN! Cindy J., Daly City, CA

Sandra was awesome – excellent material – excellent presentation – lots of audience participation. Robin N., Las Vegas, NV

Sandra is such a wonderful speaker. She is an inspiration to me. Terri R., Portland, OR

Wonderful speaker, very uplifting. Ann L., El Paso, TX

Fantastic – life enriching. Karen R., Napa Valley, CA

Wonderful, very engaging and full of energy. LaVonda C., Lake Tahoe, NV

Sandra took the time to allow each student to participate. Bonnie S., Minneapolis, MN

Sandra was memorable as the content of her presentation; a really fun learning experience. Jessica P., Santa Rosa, CA

What a way to wake up the day! Sandra’s energy is infectious. Virginia K., St. Paul, MN

So practical and inspirational – funny too! Corrie W., Denver, CO

Fun common knowledge which is often forgotten. Helen S., Pasadena, CA

The best! Pattie P., Tacoma, WA

Very good presenter! Lots of humor, very clear, usable message – applicable to anyone in any organization. Bobbie G., Berkeley, CA

Very enthusiastic; great presentation; great points. Debra R., Anchorage, AK

Good speaker – great at keeping the audience involved. Trish J., Eugene, OR

I loved her 3 choices – I feel I can implement this into my life! What a change this makes in my response to difficult people.
Kathleen P., Sacramento, CA

Sandra captivates the audience and gives useful lessons on joy and stress. Cynthia B., Richland, WA

Her ability to relate to us and share about taking charge of our own attitudes and choices in life with our job was a positive experience for me. Don B., Albuquerque, NM

Can’t wait to hear her again!! Anita C., Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely love her presentation style. She really engages the audience and passes on excellent info. Diane K., Pasco, WA

Dynamic, funny and practical. Katie D., Portland, OR

Very lively! Good info presented in a sincere way - again, can put the content to use right away. Mollie G., Fairbanks, AK

Great energy w/a positive message. Alice J., Tempe, AZ

In one hour we learned so much – she is an awesome speaker – could sit through an entire day with her – the time flew!!!
Karen L., Ashland, OR

Her explanations were wonderful and I know that I can use her tips to apply them to my life. Kerry O., Redding, CA

Sandra Smith – put the most wonderful information into a small amount of time. Angela P., Bozeman, MT

Sandra Smith – superb. Linda D., Moses Lake, WA

Sandra’s session was especially helpful. She provided “tools” I can start using immediately. Anja S., Palm Springs, CA

Sandra Smith is truly an “Effective Communicator”. Amanda B., Springfield, OR

I could have spent a whole day listening to Sandra. She is vivacious and inspiring. Marsha E., Riverside, CA

Would really enjoy a conference where Sandra Smith speaks for 4 hrs. Sara K., Goldendale, WA

Sandra Smith would make an excellent keynote speaker. Everyone should hear her message! Cheryl M., Astoria, OR

Sandra Smith was absolutely phenomenal! Robin S., Smokey Point, WA

High energy; awesome speaker; thank you! I needed the joy/passion. Jamie T., Las Vegas, NV

Great way to start the afternoon. Charlee H., Colorado Springs, CO

Learned a lot about “how to avoid stress” - very good. Krystal S., Silverdale, WA

Sandra was great! She kept me laughing and her presentation was superb! I enjoyed her. Debbie W., Lincoln City, OR

I enjoyed all of the speakers I heard today. My favorite topic and speaker was Sandra Smith. Shelly P., Bellevue, WA

The best message for women I’ve ever heard at the Clemson conferences. Mandy J., Phoenix, AZ

High energy; enjoyed topic and found key message helpful in my daily life. Julie L., Bismarck, ND

Sandra Smith – excellent energy and presentations! Lots of humor; clear messages; easy to use key points. Annette H., Gig Harbor, WA

Sandra Smith was excellent! Robert S., Boulder, CO

Sandra Smith....what a surprise to love a seminar session so much. I really had a great time. Gloria L., Los Angeles, CA

You inspired me to take action and start to pursue what it will take to become self-employed. Yim L., Seattle, WA

Admittedly it has to have been on of the most moving training sessions I have attended in my almost 5 years with the state.
Venetia M., Dallas, TX

I loved learning while laughing and being entertained by you. Lonna H., Cle Elum, WA

I felt like a sponge and just wanted to absorb every little bit of it! Renee A., Seaside, OR

I found your Personal Change Profile to be very enlightening and I plan to incorporate it into our interview process.
Scott L., Kalama, WA

I’m going to type up my seminar notes and use them. Jeana G., Reno, NV

Of all the classes I have taken with the state and in ministry, this truly was the most meaningful for me. RaChelle T., Olympia, WA

Thank you so much for inspiring me to take action. Jaime S., Minneapolis, MN

The seminar that was held in Spokane was the best seminar I have been to. Laurel K., Spokane, WA

Sandra has the ability to connect with people and her information is relevant. Eden T., Bethesda, MD

I have began power walking and running 6 miles every night with my wife and eating right. 15 pounds off since your seminar and another 100 or so to go. Scott P., Olympia, WA

You really have reached me like no one has been able to. Candria R., Kaua’i Kalaheo, HI

You are the most motivating and uplifting speaker that I have ever heard. Hye P., San Francisco, CA

Sandra helped me discover my purpose! Nerita S., Tamuning, Guam

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