Sandra Smith - The Entrepreneurship Coach for Women

Sandra has a deep connection to — and is passionate about —  women who are drawn to the world of entrepreneurship. As someone who always travels her own path, she’s skilled at helping women thrive at working for themselves.

As a former corporate trainer, she now works with dynamic women who are self-employed, solopreneurs, and mission-driven entrepreneurs by helping them break the vicious cycle of failure, and make money doing what they love.

Sandra owns a training company, is an author, and a certified professional coach. She offers live events, entrepreneurship coaching, and her blog is full of useful tools and tips to help move you forward.  

What makes Sandra the most determined to help women thrive is her past. First, came an abusive marriage. With only two pieces of luggage, she and her baby had to relocate to another state.

Unable to find work, she became a broke, single mother on welfare. After she got off of public assistance, she worked at a number of unfulfilling jobs — just to pay the bills. When she finally started her own business, she failed at that, too. Success always seemed out of her reach.

To overcome her negative past, she researched everything she could get her hands on. She studied psychology, brain science, religion, personality types, meditation, and even went to counseling (which isn’t easy when you’re broke).

Sandra helps women thrive with entrepreneurship coaching, events, and her blog. Her latest book is When Your Inner Stuff Is Blocking You Being Your Own Boss Ain’t Easy: How to Be Awesome at Entrepreneurship by Getting Your Inner Stuff Right. Sandra lives in the Seattle area and is addicted to coconut cake.


Sandra helps women thrive by making entrepreneurship work