When Sandra was growing up, two things were true: she was different than most kids her age, and her father made her feel worthless. To deal with her inner negative narrative, she began the arduous task of trying to figure out who she was, and what was the purpose of her life. 

First, came an abusive marriage. With only two pieces of luggage, she and her baby had to relocate to another state. Unable to find work, she became a broke, single mother on welfare. After she got off of public assistance, she worked at a number of unfulfilling jobs—just to pay the bills. When she finally started her own business, she failed at that, too. Success was still out of her reach. 

She went to bed every night hoping to get rid of a deep, unconscious
need to suffer, and to give herself permission to succeed.


To overcome her negative past, she researched everything she could get her hands on. She studied psychology, brain science, religion, personality types, meditation, and even went to counseling (which isn’t easy to do when you’re broke). 

She did find the answer to how to get unstuck and move forward. She is proof positive that the answer to living the life you’re meant to live happens when you believe in—and engage in—Personal Growth. Her life's passion and purpose is to help you overcome the challenges that are keeping you stuck.


Her out-of-control negative self beliefs—and, her lack of
—were her two biggest challenges. 


One of Sandra’s coaching clients went from an administrative assistant to a top-level manager, fulfilling her dream of being a true leader in the corporate environment. She now mentors other women wanting to lead both at work and in their community.  

Sandra is creative, dedicated, and talented at helping others discover original solutions to their personal challenges. Through her speaking and writing on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Growth, she empowers, informs, inspires, and transforms people. She is president of Aspire Seminars, an award-winning speaker, author, and Certified Life Coach. Working with Sandra is a transformational experience that will take your life to the next level.   

Conference planners love Sandra's powerful BEST Keynote. It helps conference attendees learn how to become their Best Self. Women and men wanting to grow personally and professionally enroll in her life-changing Personal Growth Program. Companies looking to grow their staff—and their bottom line—invest in Sandra's unique Employee Growth Program. You can reserve your date to have Sandra speak.


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Sandra can help you get unstuck, move forward, and live your life to its fullest potential. If you're
ready to get your foot off the brakes and live the life of your dreams, contact Sandra today!