6 weeks. 11 chapters. 100% happy.


Are you ready to get rid of habits, thoughts, and behaviors that are keeping you from your dream life? If you are, this program will help you do that. You'll stop procrastinating, clear clutter, stop negative thoughts, and create a life so wonderful you can't wait to get out of bed in the morning.

This six week program consists of the following:

● Get What You REALLY Want Without the Guilt book
● Get What You REALLY Want companion e-workbook
● The Successful Living Guide ebook
● Six 1 hour phone session with Sandra, minimum 4 women
● Unlimited email access


"It was weird for me to do this program because I am happy with my job, I love my husband, but something was missing. In the second week what was missing from my life showed itself. I've worked through it and now I'm living life on a whole new level."
Jennifer W.