Sandra Smith works with women who want to be their own boss (or already are). She helps them grow a thriving business ― using their unique gifts ― so they can achieve financial freedom, and live the life they've always wanted. Does that sound like you?



BREAK THE VICIOUS CYCLE is for you if... 

  • You want your business built around your true gifts and passions
  • You want to work with clients who value your work 
  • You want to provide top-notch products and services  
  • You want to help others in a big, meaningful way
  • You want — and value — financial security


BREAK THE VICIOUS CYCLE is an event and system for those who are drawn to the world of  entrepreneurship. They include women who are entrepreneurs, small business owners, self-employed, solopreneurs, sales, network marketing, freelancers, or someone with a side hustle. They want to be their own boss, serve their ideal client — using their true gifts — and, have financial security. 

"If you keep spinning in a negative cycle,
you need to stop — and move forward." 

—Sandra Smith, Creator of Break the Vicious Cycle

Whether you're just starting out — or an experienced business owner — chances are you're bumping into the frustration, anxiousness, and dread of how to start, grow, thrive, or make steady, unlimited income. Sandra's BREAK THE VICIOUS CYCLE event provides the system that can help you change that. 


          What you'll learn in BREAK THE VICIOUS CYCLE


Here are just a few of the highlights you'll learn in BREAK THE VICIOUS CYCLE. First, you'll uncover the "Hidden Factor" — that one thing keeping you stuck. Once your vicious cycle is broken, confidence,  motivation, and financial security is yours. You'll discover who you are, who you serve, and how your true gifts can help your ideal client. 

As someone who always travels her own path, Sandra can help you thrive at being your own boss. She's a gifted entrepreneurship coach skilled at helping women make changes quickly and effortlessly. If it's time to be your own boss — and you want to work with Sandra — be sure and get on her waitlist today! 




Sandra Smith — Helping women thrive by
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"You've got to find your inner boss — because — it's your inner boss that drives you to make your thing happen."

        -Sandra Smith, The entrepreneurship coach                       



(The bottom right picture is Sandra doing a Leadership keynote in front of a sold-out crowd.)

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