Late One Night

Late one night, my left foot -- accidentally -- stepped on my right foot. It really hurt. It was kind of weird that it happened the way it did. Long story short, there were four small bruises on the top of my right foot.

You're probably wondering why you are hearing about my foot accident. My point is this. My injury was self-inflicted. Not intentionally, of course. And, my personal observation is that many people have self-inflicted wounds.

Physical self-inflicted injuries like: paper cuts, stubbed toes, a finger caught in the car door. Emotional self-inflicted injuries like: lack of self-love, hopelessness, or unfulfilled needs. Spiritual self-inflicted injuries like: quick-fix distractions, or following something away from one's self.

You can't avoid being injured. It happens. What you can do, though, is develop a high level of self-awareness. In other words, your inner core protects you from the self-inflicted wounds -- that happen internally. Those are the ones that never seem to heal. And, you can't really be whole -- until you heal those. 

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help.