Three Types of Tired

Pay attention to being tired. Make sure you’re know which kind of tired you’re experiencing.

Mentally tired is the first kind of tired. It’s what affects me the most. It happens because I work on many projects that bend my mind. And, since I must figure stuff out for myself, I can stay in that bent state for hours, only to end up mentally exhausted.

Physically tired is easy to spot. Run a 10K. Wash cars for your fundraiser. Cook dinner for 30 people. Clean out your garage. You’re gonna get tired. And often times, you’re so exhausted you can’t even sleep.

Spiritually tired is tricky. That’s because it’s tied up with your spirit. Your spirit being the essence of who you are. When you trust life’s flow, you flow. When you don’t trust your life’s flow, it makes you tired. 

So, here’s something to consider. Figure out what type of tired you are, then apply one of these recommendations. If you’re mentally tired, stop thinking. If you’re physically tired, stop doing. If you’re spiritually tired, start trusting.

Hope that helps. And, if you need anything, let me know. I'm always here for you.