3 Steps to Change

As I quietly added Certified Life Coach and Certified Professional Coach to my bio, it struck me how much I learned (in the process) that could help you. I've selected one of my favorite structure pieces you might find useful. It's what I call... 


Step One: Uncover your goals with 5 magical questions
1   List your goals (for now, pick 2-5 goals, and answer all the questions for each goal).
    (Examples: Save money, travel to Europe, pay off your home, get healthy.)
2  Why is this goal important to you?
3   How will you know you have achieved it?
4   Let's say you've achieved your goal, how do you feel? What's different?
5   How will achieving this goal affect other areas of your life?
     (Financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, professional, relationships, other)

Step Two: Write down your new affirmations.
It's time to take everything you wrote down and rewrite it in the positive. This means you write it as if it has already happened, or it is happening right now. To be clear, you are to rewrite (for every goal) all the answers you gave for questions 1-5. Go in no particular order. Do not over think it. Just write it. 

Here's an example:
Answer to #1: My goal is that I've got to save some money. I am always broke. 
Rewritten answer to #1: I have met my goal of saving $25 per month, or, I am saving $25 per month.

Here's another example:
Answer to #2: It's important because I need to make money cause it's stressing me out.
Rewritten answer to #2: What's important to me is that I am secure. I am saving money and I feel secure now.

(Gentle reminder: Even if it feels weird, remember to rewrite all your answers as if it has already happened, or it is happening right now. You're working with your subconscious here, and it responds to what you repeatedly think — positive or negative.)

Step Three: Make an audio version of your new affirmations.
Grab any app/device that records audio. (I use Voice Memos on my iPhone.) Simply read and record (in your own voice) your new affirmations.

Everyday, listen to your recorded affirmations 3 times (in a row) first thing in the morning, and 3 times (in a row) last thing at night. (I listen to mine while waking up, and just before falling asleep.) 

Final Thoughts
Here are 3 amazing things your new affirmations will do for you:
It will reprogram your thoughts.
It will overcome negative thoughts.
It will connect with your subconscious.

Do this process for at least 21-28 days. After that, you can rewrite/update your affirmations. It's your positive messages that you're purposely thinking that creates the belief that you can do what it is you want to do.

Cautionary note: If you experience a high level of resistance or doubt when doing this exercise, understand it for what it is. It's your subconscious mind having a tissy fit. It doesn't like change. It's designed to keep you safe, and change is risky. It's trying to stop you. But I don't want you to stop. You can have what you aspire to. So, go for it!

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help. ⚅⚄