Not Real Impressive


It's hard to tell, but that is a picture of one of those blue index cards you buy at an office supply store. I realize it's not much to look at, but, I get more work done with it —  than without it. It is my #1 tool to help me stay focused, and move forward on a project.

The side you're looking at is what I do first thing in the morning — when I sit in front of my computer in my home office. On the back side, I list what to do when I take a break, and what to do after work.

Why does this work? Because I've tried everything else. I've learned, that it helps me to know — going into a new day — what's important for me to move forward on. And, because I can get distracted with research-type activities, my card shows me what to jump to when that happens.

Don't be tricked, though. Even though what's on that card is short and sweet, there's so much to it. For example, for me to follow that blue index card — and book my own speaking event — there are many major steps that need to happen (not to mention hours of research for venues, help, material, and marketing).

Bottom's not real impressive, but it works. If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help.