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Feeling Uncomfortable


Do and repeat. Do and repeat. Do and repeat. That system works. What about the opposite? Change what you are doing. Turn off the automatic pilot switch. Maintain center, but move in different directions. Each time your new movements make you feel uncomfortable, recognize it for what it is — Personal Growth!

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3 Truths About Your Personal Growth

Personal growth is when you know you have a fire deep inside of you. And, like it or not, it must be acknowledged, encouraged, and allowed to burn strong with your greatness. If that sounds grandiose, it really isn't.

3 Truths About Your Personal Growth
Truth #1: You do have a fire inside you.
Truth #2: Your fire is unique to only you.
Truth #3: Your are responsible for it's heat.

Why You're Not On Fire
Working long hours, stress, and financial insecurity dampens your fire. Being focused on everything you've got to do leaves you with no time to grow.

3 Steps to Get HOT
You're probably wondering how to keep your schedule like it is AND get your fire burning, right? I know. I thought the same thing! But, there is a way to light that first flicker of heat.

Step 1: Stop doing one thing you no longer want/need to do. Example? Always being the one volunteer that always bakes. Let someone else do it.

Step 2: Insist on speaking more words that express the true you. You have to begin combining what you're thinking with what you saying and expressing those feelings. (Be sure to do begin this step with caution by speaking up at the right time to the right person.)

Step 3: Refuse to discount yourself. I mean this verbally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Here's a verbal example: "I'll never be anything to anyone".

Bottom Line
See your personal growth as something you want (and will) work on. You have a fire inside of you. Find it, encourage it, and live it.

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Your True Essence

Your outer is a reflection of you inner. And, it's your thoughts that have brought you to your life as it is today. That's because your actions always mirror your thoughts. For example, if you lack self-confidence (a thought), you will back away from a better position at work (an action).

Take a close look at where you're putting your time and energy. When you do that, you'll be able to understand what you've been thinking. In fact, your actions (behavior) is an ongoing revealing of yourself. And remember, what you do tells those around you who and what you are.

I was coaching a client of mine last week on this very thing. He was going home every night upset, confused, and unable to figure out why his boss wasn't appreciating his work ethic. It seems like the harder he worked, the less his manager appreciated him.

We worked on his issue and I reminded him to never forget who and what he is. He is a man of integrity. He does deserve to be appreciated. However, right now at his job, his boss comes up short as a manager who doesn't value his star employees. 

To understand that is empowering. It stops the self-questioning that sounds like, "What am I doing wrong?" Or maybe, "Why does my manager never support me?" I'm not suggesting that a person not take responsibility, but rather I am suggesting that you remember that you have choices.

You can continue feeling underappreciated and go home upset every night. You can address the situation with the manager. Or, you can accept what's happening by controlling your thinking when it happens. In other words, stop letting that situation push your emotional button.

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Power From Within

When you know exactly what you want and have the emotional strength to go after it, your mind and heart work together as you give your plan enough time to come into being. The combination of mind and emotions is powerful because it creates the experience of how your life unfolds.

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Get out of the Kitchen

How was your week? Mine was weird. 

On Monday about 11 a.m. I thought I was hungry. Tuesday around 4 p.m. I thought I was hungry. Thursday at 10:30 p.m. I thought I was hungry. And, it wasn't until an hour ago did I realize that throughout the whole week I kept asking myself, "Am I hungry, or, do I just think I'm hungry?"

What I figured out is that it really didn't matter if I was hungry or not. What I was trying to do was go for something familiar that I enjoyed. Turns out, every time I thought of being hungry, I was really fussing about marketing. 

That is a pattern. And, when you have negative patterns (or patterns that you don't recognize), they can really undermine your best efforts. So for me, instead of focusing on work, I focused on food. My negative patterns are being reinforced and my work suffers. 

How about you? What patterns are you aware of that keep you from being your best self? (And, remember, you might have negative patterns that you're not even aware of and those can work against you, too.)

Well, I have an assignment for you. When you do something because of something you're thinking that might be keeping you from doing what you need to be doing, write it down. (That seems like a long, confusing sentence, but I can't think of any other way to say it.)

After a couple of weeks, here's another assignment. Recognize the pattern you don't want to be doing, and replace it with what you do want to be doing. Make sense? For me, when I ask myself if I am hungry, I will think 'no' then delve into my marketing challenge without fear.

If you successfully complete your assignments, your new patterns will create personal and professional success. As it's said, make good habits (patterns) and allow those habits to control you and keep you on your path of growth and improvement. 

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