Misery vs. Mystery


I sat next to a woman who owned her own software company while on a long, 5-hour flight to Hawaii. We ended up chatting about something that was really bothering her. It seems she was upset and confused about her future. After listening to her explain her concerns, I simply asked her, “Do you feel misery or mystery?”

She was a bit taken back by my question. In fact — the moment I asked her that question — I can honestly say she immediately looked miserable. She said, “That’s it! The mystery of my future is making me absolutely miserable.” Bingo!

How about you? What is making you miserable? Not knowing? Unrealized potential? Lack? All of these things can create misery for sure, but, I want you to consider taking the misery out of them. To put it another way, mystery precedes ‘knowing’. So, here’s how to gain ‘knowing’:

3 Steps to Gain a ‘Knowing’:

  1. Make a conscious decision (thought) to bring into your life what your want.

  2. Move that thought from “out there” (subconscious), to “in here” (consciousness).

  3. Recognize that you manifested what you wanted, and can now move forward.

Please note: I understand that those three steps sound easy peasy, but they’re not. Not by a long shot. But, please remember this…’knowing’ never happens if you don’t believe in what you know.

If you need anything, just email me. I’m always here to help.