Misery vs. Mystery


I sat next to a woman who owned her own software company while on a long, 5-hour flight to Hawaii. We ended up chatting about something that was really bothering her. It seems she was upset and confused about her future. After listening to her explain her concerns, I simply asked her, “Do you feel misery or mystery?”

She was a bit taken back by my question. In fact — the moment I asked her that question — I can honestly say she immediately looked miserable. She said, “That’s it! The mystery of my future is making me absolutely miserable.” Bingo!

How about you? What is making you miserable? Not knowing? Unrealized potential? Lack? All of these things can create misery for sure, but, I want you to consider taking the misery out of them. To put it another way, mystery precedes ‘knowing’. So, here’s how to gain ‘knowing’:

3 Steps to Gain a ‘Knowing’:

  1. Make a conscious decision (thought) to bring into your life what your want.

  2. Move that thought from “out there” (subconscious), to “in here” (consciousness).

  3. Recognize that you manifested what you wanted, and can now move forward.

Please note: I understand that those three steps sound easy peasy, but they’re not. Not by a long shot. But, please remember this…’knowing’ never happens if you don’t believe in what you know.

If you need anything, just email me. I’m always here to help.

How to Fix a Broken Heart

I seem to write about things that are happening in this moment. And, in this moment, so many of my clients that I mentor and coach are struggling to end a relationship. They feel it's keeping them stuck in the past, they can't focus on the future, and they're unable to create space for someone new.

Do you have a need to end a relationship? If you do, focus on dissolving the ties that bind you. This method honors yourself, the other person, and the former relationship, while clearing space for whatever may come in the future. 

There are reasons we make a choice to connect with another person. That wonderful person who made that choice still lives inside you at a different vibrational level. But, in order to attract another relationship, you'll want to be free to love. Freedom comes from neither pulling towards (needs) nor pushing away (anger), but LETTING.

Explanation for the Two Types
There are two types of connections we make with other people. For clarity, we can see them as “Binding” and “Bonding”. It may be helpful to let go of labeling a relationship as “positive” or “negative”; this is left-brain beta-rhythm head stuff, and causes us to hold on tighter, no matter what we attempt to the contrary. 

Binding Ties
Binding Ties are what we create every time we interact with someone else; physically, mentally, or emotionally. These are created by stories in our head; our needs, our wants, etc. It is optimal to release these. Once you do, the Bonding Ties can and will become stronger. 

(Remember, getting together with someone and then moving apart is not either positive or negative – it just is. So, let it.)

Bonding Ties
Bonding Ties are heart connections, and are healthy… they are capable of transferring both emotional and universal heart energy and love; we want to “let” these.

The Method to Dissolve the Ties that Bind You
Eyes closed, in your imagination, imagine that person in front of you.

Now, in your imagination -- to your right -- there is a wooden tub. There is a shaft of light coming from the heavens going into the wooden tub. As the light touches the inside of the tub, it turns into liquid light. 

Beside the tub is a Watering Can.

In your imagination, see the ties that you have used to bind (their name) ___________ to you. What do the ties seem to look like?

Fill the Watering Can with the liquid light. Sprinkle the person. Sprinkle the ties that you have used to bind (their name) ____________to you, and sprinkle yourself with the liquid light. 

As you sprinkle the liquid light tell (their name) ____________ “I am setting you free. I am dissolving the ties that I have used to bind you to me”. 

Continue to sprinkle the liquid light and refill the watering can until the ties that you have used to bind (their name) ____________ to you are completely dissolved. (This takes time, effort, and lots of repetition.)

When this is complete (meaning, when you feel the ties are completely dissolved), say ‘Yes’, and stop.

Staying in your imagination, hug the person, look in their eyes, and say:
“Thank you for your Time, Consideration, and Cooperation”.

Then say (and say it like you really mean it):
You are free to go,
You are free to do,
You are free to be.

Bottom line:
Stating those three sentences above is your path to being free of your negative past memories, free to pursue your future, and free to attract new, loving relationships.

Try it for one month, twice a day:
Begin with your parents, siblings or children, THEN romantic relationships. Notice how you feel and how your actions, interactions, and daily life, begin to change.

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help.