3 Truths About Your Personal Growth

Personal growth is when you know you have a fire deep inside of you. And, like it or not, it must be acknowledged, encouraged, and allowed to burn strong with your greatness. If that sounds grandiose, it really isn't.

3 Truths About Your Personal Growth
Truth #1: You do have a fire inside you.
Truth #2: Your fire is unique to only you.
Truth #3: Your are responsible for it's heat.

Why You're Not On Fire
Working long hours, stress, and financial insecurity dampens your fire. Being focused on everything you've got to do leaves you with no time to grow.

3 Steps to Get HOT
You're probably wondering how to keep your schedule like it is AND get your fire burning, right? I know. I thought the same thing! But, there is a way to light that first flicker of heat.

Step 1: Stop doing one thing you no longer want/need to do. Example? Always being the one volunteer that always bakes. Let someone else do it.

Step 2: Insist on speaking more words that express the true you. You have to begin combining what you're thinking with what you saying and expressing those feelings. (Be sure to do begin this step with caution by speaking up at the right time to the right person.)

Step 3: Refuse to discount yourself. I mean this verbally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Here's a verbal example: "I'll never be anything to anyone".

Bottom Line
See your personal growth as something you want (and will) work on. You have a fire inside of you. Find it, encourage it, and live it.

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help.