A Weird Week


I had a really weird week. One minute I’m on fire with ideas, the next minute I’m calling all my ideas stupid. What’s really weird, though, is that I didn’t end up one : step : forward on any of my ideas. That matters to me because moving forward (and growing) is what I’m about.

Something — else — interesting happened this week I want to share with you. I uncovered “why” I experienced my fluctuating ‘on fire with ideas’ to ‘my ideas are stupid’ roller coaster ride.

I realize that while all that was going on, I became totally exhausted. And, in my state of exhaustion, I just stopped thinking.

It was in my “non-thinking” time I became aware of something about myself that was causing all the havoc. Turns out, it was a big, huge, incongruent belief.

How I tackled this, and — what ultimately got me through the process — was that I stayed in alignment with my values.

How about you? Are you looking for an answer to something you’re doing that’s keeping you stuck? If yes, you might consider looking into any hidden beliefs, intentions, or behaviors that don’t align with your values.

According to Dr. Murray, here are three things he thinks are critical when it comes to being congruent (the stuff in parenthesis are my summary words):

  1. Know what makes you tick (these are your values).

  2. Set daily goals (this is for focus and commitment).

  3. Be mindful (be aware of what is going on at the present moment).

That’s it. Hope that helps. And, remember, if I can help you find what you need, to live the life you love, just email me. I’m always here to help.