Anger Alert


Being ticked off can sometimes come from not being fulfilled. Can you recognize this for what it is? Anger. Follow your line of thinking when everything goes off the tracks. You encounter an experience, you get angry, and you are left with an empty feeling.

That feeling is alerting you. Pay attention. Pull it apart and figure out how to heal from it and bring into your life whatever it is that you feel is missing. Your intuition knows. Just listen to it.

If you need anything, just email me. I’m always here to help.

Wrong Sandra

I've got the coolest thing to tell you. I'm an Earth Angel. Well, not really. But according to this wonderful group out of Ireland, I am one their Earth Angels. This has happened because of my name. Apparently, there's a wonderful Energy Therapist with the same name.

About once a week, I receive new Earth Angel requests for healing energy. I read their names along with a list of their debilitating health issues, loss, and pain. Their hope is that an Earth Angel will help heal them and make their hearts whole.

I've got to tell how how touching it for me to get these emails. They serve as a reminder of just how many people are suffering and looking for relief. And in this case, an angelic healing. What's weird about this, though, is that this higher power energy work is very near and dear to my heart.

Because I rarely believe in things being random, I do what the email suggests. They suggest an Earth Angel do a heartlink. Maybe an empowerment treatment. Or maybe a heart healing. I've studied them all. I know what to do. So, I send my healing energy out (even though I'm not the Sandra from Ireland). 

You can do the same thing, too. Send out loving energy. Help people who are hurting. Feel confident that you possess the power to heal. You may not be a Master-Instructor, but that's not what matters. What matters is your belief in the power of a healing.

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help. ⚅⚄