It Gets Better

Who -- would you say -- is your friend? Is pain your friend? Would you say suffering is your friend? How about guilt?

See. You can be intimately close to a (negative) emotion. It's your go-to feeling. You default to those emotions when the universe wants you to move on. Of course, your 'friends' will make sure you don't change. They want you to stay right : where : you are. 

The next time you're working on moving forward and you feel those familiar feelings, just keep going. It'll soon get better. I promise.

If you anything, just email me. I'm always here to help.

An Internal Block

I realize not everyone lacks self-love, however, when I coach a client — and they feel stuck and unmotivated — sometimes there is something internal blocking them from moving forward. One possible reason I have found — for their struggle to move forward — is low self-love.

Individuals with low self-love tend to:
1   Criticize everything they do.

2   Never recognize anything good that they do.

3   Always feel what they do is not enough.

4   Think what they do is always less/worse than what others do.

5   Belittle who they are to make others look better. 

6   Will not take responsibility for their life. 

7   Feel guilty about everything for no reason. 

8   Place harsh judgement on who they are as a person.  

9   Say “I can’t” when trying something new.

10 Unable to speak up when they need to because they want to be liked.

Here's how to tackle this challenge:
First, realize that it's happening. Self-awareness is the path to change. Next, when it does happen, immediately say to yourself, "ERASE". Meaning, you consciously interrupt your thought. Next, I recommend you increase your self-love by doing the exact opposite of everything on this list.

I realize it's easier said than done, but, if you can do that, your life will move forward and positive change can happen.

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help.