Light On Light Off

Just a couple of weeks ago, a woman in one of my sessions raised her hand when I asked everyone (at the end of session) what was something they heard or learned that they want to use starting tomorrow.

When I called on her to share what she learned, she said, “I’m sorry I’m crying. It’s just that I never heard what you said.”

I asked, “You mean, you didn’t get anything out of the session?” She said, “No. I did get something out of the session. What I’m saying is that I’ve never heard what you just taught us. I’ve been working for close to 30 years, and I never learned how to handle my emotions. I’m sad that I’ve been through so much and could have used this.”

All I could say to her was how proud of her I was for her attending. See, learning and growing is what keeps your Life Light on. Because when you treat every day — same as the one before — it turns your Life Light off.

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This Makes Me Happy


My favorite word of the day? Integrate.

As I work on different pieces — and different platforms — for a new project I’m currently working on, stuff either works together or it doesn’t.

When it doesn’t integrate, I hit a dead end. When it does integrate, I get to move forward.

But, I’m REALLY excited because the last three pieces did work together so I get to move forward. Woo hoo!!!

(Can you imagine this topic is something I’m excited about? As in, tell a total stranger while having coffee excited?)

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Things Seem Vague


Having doubts about your ability to make something happen (or change something), derails the full use of your potential. I feel like a broken record when I advise, "You must believe — through self-efficacy — that you can reach your goals." 

Before you go, I need to ask you for a favor. We're growing like crazy over here at Aspire Seminars (my company). We're looking to add team players to handle VA work, marketing, and social media. If you know of someone, please have them email me at, and I'll give them more info about what we're up to. Thanks so much!

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Feeling Discomfort


Do you have a discomfort robbing you of your growth and happiness? If you're not sure, here are some examples straight from my clients:

* You have your own business—and must sell your products and services—but you're not comfortable selling so you don't. And, you not selling is having a negative affect on your self-image and your finances.
* You manage people, but you're uncomfortable addressing a problem with an employee, so you don't. Now staff respects you less, and you experience low self-worth. 
*  You feel really uncomfortable networking—so you avoid a scheduled networking event—where you know your ideal clients hang out. You haven't booked a new client in six months, and your income is taking a dive.

The remedy? A strong self-image. Your self-image helps you ask for the sale, address a problem with an employee, and talk to strangers at a networking event. Bottom line: Your self-image determines your growth and happiness.

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Universal Connection


Can you be alone? I don't mean be lonely. I mean, be alone. It's my findings that talking and being with others is necessary, but so is being alone.

When alone, you can observe your thoughts. For me, when I was alone, I observed that my thoughts were negative. (Not negative about other people, but about me.)

I'd think, "Am I really the person I'm meant to be?" I questioned, "Does my work matter?" And, unfortunately, the amount of times I'd ask those questions didn't speed up finding the answer. I did, eventually, hear the answer as I sat alone. I heard the voice of my authentic voice.

It was affirmed that I am on my unique path -- that I am living a unique experience. And, I also realized that because it's unique, it can be difficult. 

If you question who you are, what's your passion, or what's your gift, your best place to begin finding the answer is to:
1.  Find a safe, quiet place to be alone.
2. Ask yourself the questions you want answers to.
3. Listen to hear the universe's response (then trust it).

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Fight That Funky Feeling


Change. Hard to deal with, huh? Well, my belief is that change isn't the challenge. The real challenge to change is hanging in there long enough to get beyond the funky feeling change evokes. If you can do that, change will happen.

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I have a quick need/request of you. If you know of someone great at marketing, could you please ask them to get in touch with me. We're moving forward on some big plans, and want to add some wonderful people to the Aspire team (Aspire is the name of my company). Thanks! ❤️

A Vision for 2018


As we approach the new year, new beginnings sound exciting, right? Just the thought of doing a vision board, writing down your goals, and going for your dream makes life worth living. Each day makes you feel alive — and that feeling feels good.

If I may, though, I'd love to share with you something that can deliver constant (and satisfying) personal and professional growth: moving slowly and consciously toward one's destiny.

It's a much slower process, takes self-awareness, plus, you need to possess an uncanny ability to keep your Self moving forward regardless of negative self beliefs. Not easy to do.

But, in the long run, one simple negative self belief (if undetected), can undo any vision board, any list of goals, and can stop you from attaining your dreams. (Bty...I love vision boards, but, if you feel stuck, there's always something deeper going on.)

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