That One Thing


Let me ask you something. What would you say is the one thing holding you back from your success? You know. What is the one thing you feel you need to make success happen? Think about it for a minute.

Is it more time? What about more money? Maybe your one thing is someone who supports your efforts. Well, listen up. As hard as this is to hear, you've got to find a way to get around it.

For starters, you could work around this by adjusting the steps you're taking. In other words, if money is short right now, figure out what else you can do (toward your goal) until the money situation improves.

Need more time? Try to stop worrying about time. Instead, start prioritizing what's important to you. Example? If you want to succeed at losing weight, make time to walk. Even if it's only 10 minutes. Get walking.

This formula works. And here's why. It works because for every step you take, you’re experiencing immediate success.

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Don't ever allow that one thing
stop you from succeeding.

Slow It Down


There’s a definite art form to living your life to the fullest. You've got to be open but structured. Speak up but be a good listener. Go after something but stop if it's the wrong something. What I'm saying here is that you really have to live your life from a place of center.

Know what makes you tick. Know when you need a push. Back off when enough is enough. Don't let your feelings stop you if you need to keep going. If your feelings are helping you experience something you need, feel the feeling and response appropriately.

Living life like an art form isn't easy, though. You're busy driving, working, dealing with stress over money, or lack of time. And, health and energy dictate your output. In other words, it doesn't matter how much you want to do with your life, if you feel depleted of energy, it won't happen.

If you can't structure your life now, don't beat yourself up about it. Your life is asking much of you -- and all at the same time. But at some point, I need you to stop that runaway train. Sooner rather than later you'll need to chop up, break up, or squish up all the things keeping you from the life you're meant to live.

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Mind the Gap


When I write (or speak) for my audience, I rarely use words like incompetence, mediocrity, outstanding, or excellence. It’s not because I don’t think they’ll understand what I’m saying, but, rather, it’s because I don’t use those words when I think (or explain stuff).

But, when you put all those words together — and in the right sequence — it helps create the picture of possible gaps. So, here it goes:

It takes far more energy to go from incompetence to mediocrity than it does to go from outstanding to excellence.

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Goal Importance


When you set a goal and realize its value and importance, you’ll find yourself noticing opportunities to help you achieve that goal. Sometimes, you’ll find an opportunity you never knew was there. But, as I’ve stated before many times — and, in many different ways — you’ve got to believe it’s there to experience it.

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Go Here


I see lots of people on social media listing everything they’ve done in 2018, and everything they’re going to do in 2019. They say they’re revved up and ready to roll.

I’m hoping today’s image gets thrown in the mix. Because remember, it’s impossible to keep life balanced, but, what you can do is avoid extremes.

So, in 2019, don’t forget to …GO HERE.

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Universal Advice


Study anything on how to succeed at working for yourself, and the universal advice is usually "just do it". 

The experts say if you want to write, just start a blog. If you want to start a clothing line, start sketching your designs. Want to act, take acting lessons. In other words, if you have an idea of something you aspire to, just get going on it. 

That sounds really good, but there can be many, many steps before the start. And, if you're not prepared to step each step to the start, you stop. Once you stop, it's difficult to gain momentum, your energy dips, and you question — if you can even do — what you think you want to do. 

How do I know? Because I'm THAT person. I think, overthink, rethink, question, replay, and move two steps up then three steps back. And to cope, I'll eat a slice of my favorite coconut cake worth 1200 calories. (That's my empty cake container I dug out of trash to show you!)

I've learned from all this self-knowledge, though. I've hacked just about every one of my negative personal traits, and use them to my favor. I have momentum, energy, and I'm confident. So, yes. Finally. I'm "just doing it". And, you can, too!

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Reaching a Goal


Are you picking stuff or is it picking you? In other words, do you get up deciding how you want your day to go down? Or, does it just happen?

And, when your head hits the pillow at night, what is your answer to the question, "What happened — today — that got me closer to my goal?"

If your answer is 'nothing', things need to change. Living by default will catch up with you. It's called regret.

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Big Is Big


Feeling stuck is one thing. Feeling like you want more is another thing. See, nothing messes with my head more than the question 'how big can I go'? I mean, come on, how in the world can I know that before I do something?

Seems I found an answer to that question. It starts in your vision of who you are, and what you see yourself doing in your life. An example for me would be that I'm bringing together like-minded women (men are welcome, too) who want to help disadvantaged women get the encouragement, training, support, and skills necessary to get to the next level in their life.

How about you? How big can you go? If you'd like to work on this on your own, I suggest you spend some time and think about what it is you want to do that aligns with what you really care about. (Tip: Write your findings down, and always date your pages.)

Let me know how it goes, or if you have any questions. And, ultimately, go as BIG as you possibly can, because you — and everyone else —  benefits when you are you!

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A Vision for 2018


As we approach the new year, new beginnings sound exciting, right? Just the thought of doing a vision board, writing down your goals, and going for your dream makes life worth living. Each day makes you feel alive — and that feeling feels good.

If I may, though, I'd love to share with you something that can deliver constant (and satisfying) personal and professional growth: moving slowly and consciously toward one's destiny.

It's a much slower process, takes self-awareness, plus, you need to possess an uncanny ability to keep your Self moving forward regardless of negative self beliefs. Not easy to do.

But, in the long run, one simple negative self belief (if undetected), can undo any vision board, any list of goals, and can stop you from attaining your dreams. (Bty...I love vision boards, but, if you feel stuck, there's always something deeper going on.)

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You Pick

There are two kinds of doing. The first kind of doing is — just doing. You know the kind. Doing stuff — just — because it needs to get done. It's not really connected to a plan or a goal.

The second kind of doing is — purposeful doing. Here, what you are doing, is pre-planned. You are doing — what you are doing — because you have a goal.

Most people, however, are so busy — just doing — that they never get around to doing what's really important to them.

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