Pump Up the Energy


We’re often told that if you have a specific purpose that you care deeply about, it will give you tremendous energy and tremendous resources. This is true. But, it’s not true for everyone. And, it’s rarely true for me.

An example of when a purpose provides energy and resources is when you see someone in the news talking about ending childhood diseases. Perhaps their own child had suffered, and they’ve made it their life’s purpose to change the death rate for sick children.

An example (in my life) of when a purpose I care deeply about does not provide energy and resources is when I’m working on creating stuff. It could be the contents of an article, correcting a web page, or designing a new program for solopreneurs.

So, if you’re someone (like me) who runs out of energy and resources doing work that you’re passionate about, I found a hack to get over the feeling and move forward. The idea is to acknowledge what you’re feeling, feel it, then go back doing what you need to be doing to move forward.

(This hack works for most things, actually. For example, you need to exercise? Go ahead and feel lazy, then go walk. Don’t want to do laundry? Go ahead and feel unhappy about it, then go start a load of wash.)

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Blue Water


I was in Honolulu about a week ago. Even though it was my third of fourth trip this year, it never gets old. What always stands out the most, though, is the people in the audience.

They seem to arrive in the morning as if they’re floating. They smile. They always seems to be involved.

My interpretation of this is their love of nature, people, and life.

I wish I could bottle it up and take it back with me. Since I can’t, this picture (I took on a hike), reminds me of them and our time together. Every time I see it, it makes me smile.

Find your connection to something that speaks to you. View it regularly. Especially on the days you feel miles away from it.

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You Matter

My work always gets done while music is on. No exceptions. Hundreds of songs; one right after another. And, without fail, when I hear a song from this one particular artist, I get up from my chair and start dancing. My energy increases ten fold!

Why is this? Well, it seems I somehow have a deep connection with this artist's music.

So, let me ask you, do you have someone you connect with that makes your heart soar? Does this person increase your energy? Do you feel wonderful around them?

A more important question I want to ask you is who is benefiting from connecting with you? Who gets energized just by your text? Your phone call? Your presence?

See, whether you know it or not, someone connects with you on a very deep level. In other words, you do have a profound impact on their life. Yes, you do matter. So, get out there and let others experience the beautiful you!

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3 Ways to Get Your Energy Up

Where are you using your energy? Or, a better question would be, where are you using up your energy? 

See. When you do things that come naturally to you, you have enough natural energy to get the project done. When you do something that does not come naturally to you, it’s takes 10 times more extra energy to get the project done. 

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you need to stand up and give a presentation to a group of people at your office. Just the thought of having to do that immediately makes you feel sick to your stomach. You do the presentation, but it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done. At the end, you’re totally exhausted.

For me, my immediate reaction would be totally different. I would get excited at the thought of presenting in front of people. I’d be like, “Cool. Let me at em’!” I would do the presentation and be totally invigorated afterward.

I’m not playing the comparison game here. But, rather, we’re talking about the fact that everyone has a natural hardwiring. It’s what comes naturally to us. And, life seems to be easier, and more enjoyable, when we’re able to do what comes natural to us. 

So, what do you do if you’re at a job that doesn’t align with your natural hardwiring, and projects are draining to you? Read on.

Three Helpful Pointers to Get Your Energy Up
#1   Replicate a Feeling
In other words, do what you need to do, but replace your uncomfortable feelings with the feelings you get when you’re doing something you like doing.

#2   Pause
Do the project you don’t want to do — for a certain length of time — then stop. Step aside, and acknowledge what you just finished. Accomplishment is motivating. Then, after your mental break, go back to it.

#3   Find Your Right Culture
Do what you got to do to find an environment that embraces the essence of who you are. As I love to ask my audience, “Could you see me working in a library?” They always laugh and yell out, “NO!” 

Bottom line
Actively manage your energy. It's what gets things done, it keeps you moving forward, and helps you stay positive when you need it most. Hope that helps. 

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3 Barriers to Your Success

It takes constant, focused energy and motivation to carry out all of the projects and plans necessary to complete a designated goal, which is why the idea of success can feel intimidating for most people. 

Here are three barriers to your success and useful action steps to help you ignite your energy and motivation for success.

#1 Barrier: Procrastination
For some, procrastination is a problem because they might be dealing with one of two possible inner conflicts: the need to sabotage their success, or the need to avoid imagined failure.

#2 Barrier: Perfectionism
There are multiple reasons for perfectionism. For some adults, being raised in homes where they experienced high doses of disapproval, ridicule, or rejection created the need to be perfect. Another reason might be because of their innate hardwiring; meaning, they are highly methodical and factual and perfectionism is part of who they are.

#3 Barrier: Fear
Fear has the power to stop you in your tracks. Fear can keep you locked in a cycle of failure by forcing you to continually relive all your past negative experiences. Worst of all, fear can keep you from living the life you were meant to live.

Action Steps to Overcome Your Barriers
Here are some ideas to overcome the three success barriers and move forward to complete your goals and become successful.

1. Procrastinating: You know you are procrastinating when you feel like something has got you by the throat and you can’t move forward—you are stuck.  Unfortunately, the best advice is to do the very thing you are putting off.  And, do it now. Take a moment to decide if it needs to be done at all and if not, decide not to do it. Remove all escape routes. Finding a partner to check in with can help as well.

2. Perfectionism: When you are perfectionist, tell yourself to go right, go left, but pick something. In other words, get in the boat that is heading toward your future. Strive to be productive not perfect. If your innate personality is to be a perfectionist, accept that about yourself but tell yourself to complete something and revise it later if need be.

3. Fear: Think of fear like a machine that operates outside of you. Imagine this big, rolling machine rotating in a circular motion that yells, “Feed me, feed me, feed me!” Don’t feed into the fear machine; starve it by taking action. Focus your mind on what needs to be done. As you begin to take action, there’s a good chance you will notice that your stomach feels weird.  That is your inner critic trying to get you to stop and feel the fear. Don’t give in; keep doing what you need to do. Trust me, eventually, your stomach will return to normal and you will complete your project.

Bottom Line
There you have it. Check yourself and see if you have any of these barriers. You can overcome them, you just have work at it.

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Push Yourself

Today I'm pushing you. I'm pushing you to get excited. I want you to get excited about something. Anything. The point it, get excited! Need some examples? 

Instead of driving straight home from work, stop for 10 minutes at the park and listen to a couple great songs on the radio. Instead of buying exactly what's on your grocery list, throw in your cart that one item you only treat yourself to at the holidays. Instead of starting dinner as soon as you get home, sit down for 10 minutes and enjoy a mug of delicious sweet tea.

When you are excited about something, it raises your energy and your motivation. It's kind of the same thing as when you're in a hurry to pick up the front room because your best friend just called and he's coming over in 20 minutes. (Boy, you can pick up stuff fast. Right?) That's because you're excited!

See, getting excited about your life is really what you could say is the same thing as passion. It's you deciding that you're going to see you — and your life — as valuable and important. In other words, your life matters.

Deciding to get excited about 'you' is easy when you have a truck full of self-love. In other words, you believe YOU matter. But, when you lack self-love, you tend to dismiss or ignore what you need to be happy and excited about your life.

You'll do for others more than you'll for yourself. You'll buy your sister her favorite perfume and not get yourself some. You'll sit and listen to someone blab negative crap for one hour straight and not interrupt because you want to be nice. You'll immediately start dinner on an evening you're really upset and could use 15 minutes to yourself to sort stuff out. 

Bottom line: Don't leave yourself out of your own life. Push yourself to get excited about something. Really value who you are and what you need. Show the universe that you do have self-love. So, go make this happen!

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help. ⚅⚄