Stuck In Mud


I get really excited when I see people excited about their future. On Facebook, people are announcing that 2019 is going to be their best year ever. On Twitter, I watch videos on what people are doing to change their life going forward.

If I may, though, I’d like to speak directly to those of you that feel stuck right now. I want to put it in your heart that you can change, grow, and thrive. Yes, you will need to exert more energy to bust out of your current situation, but that’s only because you’re stuck (think of a car stuck in mud).

Some of you want to completely change your life, and some of you want to improve doing what you’re already doing. Both groups have their own set of challenges. And, it’s your job to figure out how to leverage your strengths and strengthen your limitations.

Get a coach, get a book, meditate, pray, get in a mastermind group, attend a retreat, or just simply listen to your heart. But, whatever you decide, you just need to hit the gas, get out of the mud, and experience a fresh, new beginning.

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Change Is Strange


If you want to feel your most excited — or your most challenged — just throw change in the mix. I know you already know this, but, change is necessary because it’s a huge part of you evolving as a person. But, IMHO, it’s the hardest part.

For me personally, the thing I WAS able to change, made me feel worse not better. For example, writing my first book. When I tossed the completed manuscript on my coffee table, I almost threw up. My discomfort with that level of success was palatable.

As a former corporate trainer, I would turn down speaking requests if the client wanted me to teach ‘Change’. Now that I work with women entrepreneurs, change is our first focus. Again, it’s not easy, but it’s where you’ve got to start.

How about you? Have you identified something you need to change, but can’t seem to get over the discomfort of change? If you do, I have a quick hack for that. View that feeling as fear (fear is the mother of all dream crushers). Say to yourself, “I feel weird, but I’ll do it anyway”

“Change isn’t the hard part. Getting over the funky
feeling change creates is the hard part.” —Sandra Smith

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Things Seem Vague


Having doubts about your ability to make something happen (or change something), derails the full use of your potential. I feel like a broken record when I advise, "You must believe — through self-efficacy — that you can reach your goals." 

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Good Advice


As I work with coaching clients, I see a recurring theme regarding problem solving, so I thought I would see if you're experiencing the same thing. (And, remember, problem solving is important because it gets you what you want, and moves you away from what you don't want.)

Caution: If you find my advice too simple -- and you're rolling you eyes because it's too simple -- beware! Sometimes, the most obvious answers are the hardest to see and implement, but, the most important for you to do, to succeed.

Here's the advice:
1)  Train yourself to not talk about what's wrong. 
2)  Retrain yourself to talk about helpful solutions.

In other words, it's about seeing beyond what's happening in the moment. I'm sure you've heard this advice before, but, my question to you is, are you doing it?

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Hot Mess

I've had to up my reading time lately. I'm not a fast reader, so it can be a challenge. The way I get the job done, though, is I read the minute I get up in the morning. And, I usually read for about 30 minutes. 

So, the book that's got me mesmerized right now was written by Gay Hendricks. The book is called The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level. 

All I can say is, get this book if you know you want to move forward—but for some reason—you just can't seem to do it. You will find the answer in this book. Guaranteed!

I've taken a picture of my copy of Gay's book. It's a hot mess! (If you click on the image, I put a link to Amazon for you.)

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Feeling Uncomfortable


Do and repeat. Do and repeat. Do and repeat. That system works. What about the opposite? Change what you are doing. Turn off the automatic pilot switch. Maintain center, but move in different directions. Each time your new movements make you feel uncomfortable, recognize it for what it is — Personal Growth!

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Fight That Funky Feeling


Change. Hard to deal with, huh? Well, my belief is that change isn't the challenge. The real challenge to change is hanging in there long enough to get beyond the funky feeling change evokes. If you can do that, change will happen.

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3 Truths About Rules

Here are the 3 truths about rules:

Truth #1
Rules that ring true for you — and accurately represent your values — are worth keeping.

Truth #2
Rules that no longer represent who you are — or no longer serve you — need to be questioned.

Truth #3
Rules that keep you in the past, need to be rewritten. 

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