Really Messed Up


Hello from Sandra!

I hope you’re having a good week. Over here at my office, things have been amping up as we get ready to launch a new program. However, my blog has been a pain in the rear! (Please read my message at the bottom of this email.)

For two weeks, my blog has not gone out! I know that may not sound like a big deal — but to me — it is. See, I’ve been writing this blog of mine since 2010. And, almost without exception, my blog goes out every Friday.

Two weeks ago, I tried to change the blog layout — and boy did I mess things up. My MailChimp account was totally messed up, too, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix that either.

But what’s weird, though, is that Squarespace (my website platform) just launched their new email campaign service. So, I got up extra early this morning to write my blog post and sent it out from the new location (Squarespace not MailChimp).

So far, the conversion is going pretty well. We’ll just have to see if it gets delivered properly. Sometimes, you do something online, and it either happens — or it doesn’t — but, you can’t really know, until you do it! Please let me know if you encounter any email issues.

If, by chance, you received this email by mistake, please accept my apologies. (When I switched platforms, I exported a .cvs list from MailChimp to use on Squarespace). MailChimp showed this list as current subscribers. If you wish to not receive anymore stuff from me, I invite you to Unsubscribe using the link below. Again, my apologies. Of course, I’ll be sad to see you go. ❤️

Talk more soon!



Sandra Smith is the entrepreneurship coach for women. She helps women thrive by making entrepreneurship work. Her soon-to-be released book is When Your Inner Stuff Is Blocking You Being Your Own Boss Ain’t Easy: How to Be Awesome at Entrepreneurship by Getting Your Inner Stuff Right.