See Yourself as Free


Do you feel free or do you feel torn?

Feeling torn comes from unresolved issues. Issues about an important problem (or situation). Unable to find a resolution, you feel frozen.

Thaw out this frustrating predicament by seeing yourself as free. Free to focus on making a decision. Any decision. But make one. In other words, set an objective and take action.

Bottom line: Tear up and discard the feeling of feeling torn.

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Connect the Dots


To me, life is about connecting the dots. Example? You go out for dinner, order lobster, go home, and swell up. When you connect the dots, you realize you're allergic to shellfish.

That was easy. But, what if, the things you do — day in and day out — end up being unhealthy for you? What if, you can't connect the dots? And, best of all, what if you are really, really good at covering up the disconnect?

Meaning, inside of you, you're empty and lost. Outside of you, you're busy and smiling. This pattern — of ignoring what hurts you —really hurts you in the long run.

What is the downside? The downside is a half-lived life.

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Morning Matters


Try this. Pick up your bedroom before going to bed. Lay out workout clothes for the morning. Fill up your water bottle and put it in the refrig. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier than you normally get up. Then, in the morning, stretch, meditate, journal, or exercise. Do something just for you.

Believe me. A lot of good can come out of losing 30 minutes of sleep.

If you need anything, just email me. I’m always here to help.