Goal Importance


When you set a goal and realize its value and importance, you’ll find yourself noticing opportunities to help you achieve that goal. Sometimes, you’ll find an opportunity you never knew was there. But, as I’ve stated before many times — and, in many different ways — you’ve got to believe it’s there to experience it.

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The Whole 'Other' Thing


Travel is odd. If you travel much you know exactly what I mean. It's unpredictable. It can be tense. And, every landing feels euphoric. But, there's a whole 'other' thing about traveling that you don't see.

Here's a great example. It's 1:00 a.m. The hotel clerk puts me in a room close to my 'event' room so that in the morning I won't have to walk far (there's acres and acres of property).

Here's another great example. The server at the hotel dining room has a table of 16 waiting to order, but comes over to me, leans down and whispers, "Give me your order so you don't wait."

I have become aware of the whole 'other' thing and how unknown people have such an impact on one's life. I've got to admit, though, there's been more than once that it totally freaked me out.

I think a big contributor to this phenomena is how we treat others. In other words, what we give out. When an unknown person feels respected by you, regardless of what they do, where they work, or how much money they make, they will attempt to live up to your expectations (as best they can).

See the photo above? That's one of my favorite servers, at my favorite eatery, at my favorite airport, who could be considered an unknown person. I'm always excited to grab an open seat, eat while I wait for my next flight, and watch her tear it up. (This is the look she gives her staff when they mess with her. She's the manager.)

Even though I don't really know her, she somehow always make my travel better. And when I finally board the last leg of my flight home at midnight, I take the good vibe I got from her with me. A wonderful unknown person.

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Go Here


I see lots of people on social media listing everything they’ve done in 2018, and everything they’re going to do in 2019. They say they’re revved up and ready to roll.

I’m hoping today’s image gets thrown in the mix. Because remember, it’s impossible to keep life balanced, but, what you can do is avoid extremes.

So, in 2019, don’t forget to …GO HERE.

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An Emotional Prisoner


As said by Dr. David Viscott, a well-known psychiatrist, that emotional freedom means that you can do what you want, when you want to do it. You see, when you are emotionally free, you believe in your own goodness and you act to increase your sense of self-worth.

To put it my way, “Sure, I see them rolling their eyes at me, but, I don’t care because what I do care about is thinking about things I can control.”

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A Delicious Secret


Are you unhappy when you don't have what you 'think' you want? You might be surprised to discover a delicious secret. Choosing to move counter to feeling unhappy, aligns you with your higher self. And, your higher self is super smart.

Simply trust (and know) that it will guide you to your best self. Which — as it turns out — is a bazillion times better than what you thought it was.

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Blue Water


I was in Honolulu about a week ago. Even though it was my third of fourth trip this year, it never gets old. What always stands out the most, though, is the people in the audience.

They seem to arrive in the morning as if they’re floating. They smile. They always seems to be involved.

My interpretation of this is their love of nature, people, and life.

I wish I could bottle it up and take it back with me. Since I can’t, this picture (I took on a hike), reminds me of them and our time together. Every time I see it, it makes me smile.

Find your connection to something that speaks to you. View it regularly. Especially on the days you feel miles away from it.

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Stuck In Mud


I get really excited when I see people excited about their future. On Facebook, people are announcing that 2019 is going to be their best year ever. On Twitter, I watch videos on what people are doing to change their life going forward.

If I may, though, I’d like to speak directly to those of you that feel stuck right now. I want to put it in your heart that you can change, grow, and thrive. Yes, you will need to exert more energy to bust out of your current situation, but that’s only because you’re stuck (think of a car stuck in mud).

Some of you want to completely change your life, and some of you want to improve doing what you’re already doing. Both groups have their own set of challenges. And, it’s your job to figure out how to leverage your strengths and strengthen your limitations.

Get a coach, get a book, meditate, pray, get in a mastermind group, attend a retreat, or just simply listen to your heart. But, whatever you decide, you just need to hit the gas, get out of the mud, and experience a fresh, new beginning.

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Spinning Hot Mess


The word RIGHT has been popping up everywhere lately.

When I was writing copy, I needed the right word for a short title. When I was researching a few website platforms, I wanted to find the right platform. Even last weekend, I wanted to hit the right Starbucks at the right time with the right people.

After much soul searching, I made two self-discoveries around this issue: 1) Right to me is a clear feeling I get in my stomach, and 2) Because I feel meant to do my work, I take my work seriously. And that’s why when this mindset takes over, I get tangled up in a hot mess of spinning.

If you write, speak, design, or create, remember, look for enough right to match your sense of what you want, but end looking when you get too over-right.

P.S. Did I pick the right picture for this blog post?

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A Weird Week


I had a really weird week. One minute I’m on fire with ideas, the next minute I’m calling all my ideas stupid. What’s really weird, though, is that I didn’t end up one : step : forward on any of my ideas. That matters to me because moving forward (and growing) is what I’m about.

Something — else — interesting happened this week I want to share with you. I uncovered “why” I experienced my fluctuating ‘on fire with ideas’ to ‘my ideas are stupid’ roller coaster ride.

I realize that while all that was going on, I became totally exhausted. And, in my state of exhaustion, I just stopped thinking.

It was in my “non-thinking” time I became aware of something about myself that was causing all the havoc. Turns out, it was a big, huge, incongruent belief.

How I tackled this, and — what ultimately got me through the process — was that I stayed in alignment with my values.

How about you? Are you looking for an answer to something you’re doing that’s keeping you stuck? If yes, you might consider looking into any hidden beliefs, intentions, or behaviors that don’t align with your values.

According to Dr. Murray, here are three things he thinks are critical when it comes to being congruent (the stuff in parenthesis are my summary words):

  1. Know what makes you tick (these are your values).

  2. Set daily goals (this is for focus and commitment).

  3. Be mindful (be aware of what is going on at the present moment).

That’s it. Hope that helps. And, remember, if I can help you find what you need, to live the life you love, just email me. I’m always here to help.