Light On Light Off

Just a couple of weeks ago, a woman in one of my sessions raised her hand when I asked everyone (at the end of session) what was something they heard or learned that they want to use starting tomorrow.

When I called on her to share what she learned, she said, “I’m sorry I’m crying. It’s just that I never heard what you said.”

I asked, “You mean, you didn’t get anything out of the session?” She said, “No. I did get something out of the session. What I’m saying is that I’ve never heard what you just taught us. I’ve been working for close to 30 years, and I never learned how to handle my emotions. I’m sad that I’ve been through so much and could have used this.”

All I could say to her was how proud of her I was for her attending. See, learning and growing is what keeps your Life Light on. Because when you treat every day — same as the one before — it turns your Life Light off.

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