Feeling Discomfort


Do you have a discomfort robbing you of your growth and happiness? If you're not sure, here are some examples straight from my clients:

* You have your own business—and must sell your products and services—but you're not comfortable selling so you don't. And, you not selling is having a negative affect on your self-image and your finances.
* You manage people, but you're uncomfortable addressing a problem with an employee, so you don't. Now staff respects you less, and you experience low self-worth. 
*  You feel really uncomfortable networking—so you avoid a scheduled networking event—where you know your ideal clients hang out. You haven't booked a new client in six months, and your income is taking a dive.

The remedy? A strong self-image. Your self-image helps you ask for the sale, address a problem with an employee, and talk to strangers at a networking event. Bottom line: Your self-image determines your growth and happiness.

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