Look Out

Walking is my "get out of the office" activity. My walk route takes me by a Lowe's. Often, outside the building, there is a forklift driver who is driving a forklift full of heavy, building supplies.

Walking alongside the forklift, there is always an extra person. My title for this person is a 'watcher'. The watcher's one job is to be watchful that nothing happens while the forklift is moving.

Sure, the two of them talk and laugh. But, when something gets too close to the forklift, the watcher yells, "Stop." The forklift stops. Then you hear, "Clear." The forklift gets moving again when it's all clear.

The reason you're hearing this is -- because -- it brings me to my question for you. Do you have a watcher? In other words, do you have someone looking out for you? Someone who stays alongside of you? Someone you can talk and laugh with? And, do they have the guts to yell out -- stop, or clear -- when something, that can hurt you, gets too close? Hope so. 

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help.