Wishing You Could Change Things

Something Interesting Happened
I discovered that I had thoughts that simply were not true (but I believed that they were). Unfortunately for me, though, once I checked off those thoughts as true, every decision I made going forward was based off of that 'non-truth'. 

Stepping back, I see how this happened, and, how it can happen to you, too. It happens because we have a need to follow our self-beliefs of who we 'think' we are. We want certainly. Patterns feel right. We want to know who we really are inside.

What Happened Next
Once I uncovered this discovery, I immediately did a course correct. It took me awhile to convince myself to move on, but once I did, I became happier, I felt lighter, and I was more focused. It's almost as if the universe took over. 

The weird part of this, though, is that I can see non-truths when I'm working with clients. They explain something to me, and I can come right back with the question that gets them to rethink what they think is true. Then if necessary, they do a course correct.

Something to Think About
I recommend you take some time to see how your life is going. If you feel stuck, unmotivated, wishing you could change things, you might be dealing with some 'non-truths' of your own.

The good news is that once you get those out of the way and live your truth, life will open up and deliver to you all it's grace and beauty it has to offer. 

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help.