3 Battles That Rule Your World

Where's your battle? Is it what you focus on? Is it the meaning you give to what you're focusing on? Or, is it the action you take after all that? If you're not sure if you know the answer, you're not alone. That's because it takes a high level of self-awareness to know the answer. Let me explain.

What You Focus On
People always have the choice to focus on what they can control or what they can't control. But, every focus you take, creates a feeling. Here's an example: You go to work and feel because a customer yelled at you that you're not respected.

This is an example of something you cannot control. If you continue to focus on that event over and over (after it's over), your become upset (a negative emotion). And even though you're home and eating a wonderful meal your daughter cooked, you're still upset.

What Does It Mean
Not feeling respected because a stranger (the customer) yelled at you could be true, or not be true. But, you have the choice to put what meaning you want to about the event. One choice is to say the woman yelled, you can't control that, you're doing your job, and you hope her day gets better!

Another choice is to internalize her mean words, experience them on a personal level, and get upset. Whether you're right or not, you've decided that her yelling at you means she doesn't respect you.

What Action Will You Take
After the yelling incident, one action you could take is yell at the next customer you talk to (because you're so upset). Another action you could take is to call your daughter and tell her you're looking forward to her wonderful dinner she has planned. 

The Bottom Line
Begin today to become aware of what you focus on, what meaning you give to it, and what action follows. Remember, you always have a choice to focus on what you can and can't control. And true happiness comes when you stop trying to control things you can't control.

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help.