3 Ways to Move Forward

Ongoing stress will squash every ounce of joy and happiness from you and leave you depleted, exhausted, and defeated. Stop stress from running and ruining your life.

#1  One way to make that happen is to release those things that keep you tied to a past that is no longer serving you. An example would be old tapes of something that happened in your childhood.

#2  Another way to make that happen is to decide to move forward. Sounds easy, right? It's not. Trust me, making a decision then moving forward can sometimes take all your willpower and then some.

#3  The last way to move forward is to stay just where you're at. Don't fret another minute about it. Maybe it's not time to make that decision. Maybe it's not time to leave where you're at.

The bottom line is whether you release it, decide to move forward, or just stay where you're at, the very fact that you're thinking about it is a good sign. That's because being stuck isn't a place you want to be in. You always want to be moving forward.

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