It Doesn't Taste Right

How many times are you absolutely sure you know what someone is thinking? You thinking you know what someone is thinking can be a big problem for one great big reason: You're probably wrong in what you're thinking.

I'm sure this isn't a new concept for you, but, I do think it's worth focusing on today. 

Just imagine how many memories you have stored in your beautiful brain! Every time something happens to you -- good or bad -- the memory get stored. And, each person seems to have a preference for certain types of memories because their memories must align with their self-image.

An example of this is if your memory is that you're not smart, when you do something smart you chalk it up to a fluke. If your self-image is that you're not quite good looking enough, when you're paid a complement, your thinking is, "Nope. He's wrong. I'm not good looking."

How to Turn This Around
Becoming aware of what you're thinking is the first step to turning this around. In the case of not being good looking enough, your turn around would be (you think then say this to yourself), "In his eyes, I'm attractive. I can't change that. That's what HE thinks."

Do you see my point? My point is that you must stop replacing what other's think with what you think.

Don't Let Your Thoughts Limit You
Be sure and check yourself when it comes to self-awareness. Sometimes you can talk about yourself -- and think something about yourself -- that is totally inaccurate. For example, you think you're a bad cook just because you can't nail a good lasagna. 

Lasagna is just one dish. Does that mean that you can't cook? No. It only means you need to work on your lasagna recipe. Once you make your mind up that you can cook, that you want your lasagna to taste better, you can do it. 

If you need anything just email me. I'm always here to help.