Change Isn't Easy

Change involves facing the fear and resistance that change causes.  You must create a plan to help you handle the changes your work and personal life throw at you.  If you can do this, you will see change in a new way.

How You Affect Change
Your ability to adapt to change is determined by your particular needs.  Do you need challenge and variety, or, do you need control and security?  Let’s face it, some of us are just more adaptable than others.

If you are highly adaptable, you probably need:
Challenge - You like to go outside your comfort zone.  You welcome a problem so you can use your problem-solving skills.
Variety - You love lots of ideas and opportunities.

If you find it difficult to adapt, it may be because you need:
Control - When change happens, you feel you lose your control—which you don’t like.
Security - When life stays the same, you feel secure.  When things start changing, your security feels threatened. 

How Change Affected My Life
The best information I found that helped me deal with my own inability to change was when I was trying to lose weight.  I came across the book Different Bodies Different Diets, by Dr. Carolyn L. Mein.  This book is not about change; it is about diets.  The author created a whole system of body types and a diet to fit each body type.

In this book I read how change triggers old fears and feelings of inadequacy and we will avoid those feelings at all cost. Bingo. That was so true for me! Every time I tried to change, I immediately felt fearful and inadequate so I would quickly retreat back to my comfort zone.

Today, when I step out of my comfort zone and I feel funky, I continue with my goal until the negative feeling fades.  As a result of my persistence, I have accomplished more than I ever could have imagined.

Change the response pattern you’re locked into. Do something new, feel funky, and stay with that negative feeling until it fades.  Eventually, you will find yourself outside your comfort zone accomplishing things you never thought possible. Guaranteed!

Want to A.D.A.P.T to change?  Here are some wonderful ideas to consider.  
·   Accept that change always happens.  In fact, depend on it.
·   Develop the art of balancing the good with bad.  Expect everything to keep moving.
·   Acknowledge your own needs.  Construct a non-defensive opinion of change.  Come to accept change as part of your growing process.
·   Pump up your confidence.  You will get through what you’re dealing with.  Develop a capacity to ‘learn yourself into a solution’.  Ask questions.  Avoid the “Victim Club”.
·   Tap the toes on your feet.  Literally stomp your feet on the floor.  Stay grounded to what is real for you and your family.  Keep on your toes; stay alert to what’s happening.  Have faith in your own resilience and strength.  Prepare yourself for new possibilities.

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help.