Unseen Help

I had an interesting week. I was in the hospital helping someone who was in the hospital. It was tiring, challenging, and outright exhausting. 

As I think about how it all went down, I remember so many instances where weird good stuff happened. It's hard to put in to words, explain, or describe these happenings, but they did happen.

I remember one nurse asking me, "I bet you can't wait to talk to someone about how difficult this was for you." And I replied, "Oh, I've got people I can talk to about that. What I really would love to tell someone, I can't. It's too weird." 

So, as I go in to the weekend, I hope I end up somewhere completely still and quiet, able to process and absorb what I know to be true about life (seen and unseen). And, again, because it's too difficult to explain, I'll just leave it at that. 

If you need anything just email me. I'm always here to help.