From Stuck to Success

You use words. And, specific words work for you or against you. When you want to change, grow, improve, learn, move, or do differently, your words matter.

And, not only are your words important, but many times what you're saying isn't really what you mean. Here are a few examples:

Statements that keep you stuck
"I will get fit when I find the perfect personal trainer."
"My business will grow when I figure out how to sell."
"I will manifest money when I put out the right intention."
"I'll succeed when I get over feeling stuck."  
"I will speak up to my boss when I have more confidence."

The common word in each statement
You guessed it! The word is "when".

Statements that use the words if, when, because all have the power to keep you stuck. That's because you're telling yourself that you can't take action on what you want until you have, do, or get something. 

I recommend you pay attention to what you are saying to yourself, and how your statements might be keeping you stuck in areas like relationships, fitness, business, finances, or personal growth, then rewrite them.

Rewrite stuck statements to success statements
Rip your statements apart. Don't discredit them, just redo them. Here's how to do that:
"I am working on fitness." 
"I am studying selling to help my business grow." 
"I am attracting money with my prosperity mindset."  
"I am taking action now." 
"I am scheduled to meet with my boss this afternoon."  

The big difference
Can you see how those five simple sentences -- when changed -- change everything? If you do, rewrite your statements tonight when you get off work. Then, every time you hear yourself say, "I will go walk when I feel like it", stop, and say, "I will walk now." 

If you need anything, just email me, I'm always here to help. ⚅⚄