Not Easy

I'd like to talk about the difference between what's hard to do, and what's easy to do. I hope this point of view helps you make friends with the challenges of growth and change.

Let's begin by agreeing that you want to grow personally, professionally, spiritually, or financially. To do that, some of you attend events, you follow certain authors and blogs, maybe you work with a coach, perhaps you self-study, or you participate in a spiritual or religious practice.

Whether you kick it solo, or you utilize one of the above avenues for help with growth, it's my experience that hard-to-do stuff doesn't usually feel good, and easy-to-do stuff feels better. Just think of a time you had to change jobs, end a relationship, get healthy. Not easy to do. 

It's also my experience that it's usually the hard-to-do stuff that needs to be done first in order to grow.

So, you decide to do the hard stuff first. And, oh boy, here comes that yucky feeling. To get rid of that feeling, you might avoid that step (tear up your resume, clean your house, call a friend). Or, you might try to distract yourself from your next step (tv, food, drama).

Now you're at a complete stop. You're no longer on top of the exact place you need to be. You're either back in the past rehashing, reliving and remembering (it's usually negative stuff), or, you've predicted your future as non-important and convinced yourself that you (and your growth) doesn't matter.

In other words, you just don't see a 'better' you — living a life designed by you — and think, "No use trying."

Acknowledge your defeated feelings and see them for what they are. They're proof positive that you've tapped into the very essence of what you need to do next to grow. You are on your path. Again, how do you know? Because you're struggling (don't hate me for saying that).

You're not struggling randomly. You're struggling selectively. You've decided precisely what your next move will be and you're doing it whether it feels good or not. And, the day you can do what you need to do (regardless of what it feels like) is the day you've mastered self-mastery. Self-mastery is the magical key that unlocks the door to your best self and the beautiful life you choose to live.

Go do the next step. Feel yucky and do it anyway. You are growing. You are achieving. You are in the group of people that can say, "I'm not the same. I'm getting better!"

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help. ⚅⚄