Read The Sweet Note

So much has been happening. The kind of stuff the universe gives out like a wonderful gift. And, when I receive it, it's as if there's a small, handwritten note enclosed with the gift that reads, "Just for Sandra." Meaning, don't run to Facebook, or Twitter, or your blog, and pour it all out there. 

I can tell you this, though, that all this universal support is so very real to me. And, even though my feeling of being worthy of all this support does wane at times, I pay close attention. I do accept my marching orders — even though — lack of control isn't my favorite feeling.  

Where I'm going with this is that I want you to go for — and get — that universal support, too. I know this is a very personal and private experience, so you figure out what exactly that means for you. I've listed how I've done it — should you be ready to do it yourself.

Five steps to make it happen for you:
1    Always believe in yourself. Meaning, just know the gift is yours for the taking.
2   Know that there is so much love and support. Meaning, right here, right now.
3   Take that knowing and leverage it. Meaning, use it when times get tough.
4   Focus on all the positives. Meaning, no matter how large or small, it's a positive.
5   Ignore the negatives. Meaning, ignore the negatives.  

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help. ⚅⚄