Reflect You

I want you to think about powerful intentions for your life.

Do you love to crawl into bed at night because your sheets are soft and cozy?  When you grab a pan in the morning to scramble some eggs, is the pan easy to find?  Do you love the color of your bathroom?

Your Living Space
Look around your home and ask yourself, “How do I feel when I’m in this space?”  When you are in your bedroom, do you feel safe and nurtured? When you are in your bathroom, is it a place where you can experience privacy and renewal?

If you answered no, you are not alone.  People everywhere are desperate for ways to organize their lives and create spaces and places they love. Ultimately, you want your living space to embrace and reflect who you are. 

It isn’t about used furniture, expensive furniture, or if the space is spotless.  It is about you walking in your front door and immediately feeling embraced and connected to the space.

What Your Space Says About You
Here is an easy exercise for you to do.  First, think about this question, “If someone were to enter my home, how would they describe me based on my interior design and living space?”  In other words, what does your home say about you?  Now ask yourself, “How do I feel about each room in my home?” One more question, “Would you say that your home expresses who you are really are?”

Four Powerful Intentions For Your Home
If you’re ready, here are some ideas to help make your living space reflect your intentions.

Express who you are becoming. If you are a server in a restaurant who aspires to be an artist, hang your art on a wall in your home.  If you work in customer service around lots of people and you want to become a researcher in a library, create a personal space that is quiet and filled with books. Let your space express who you are becoming.

Express what you want to attract. If you are alone and you are looking for a relationship, place a vase of fresh red flowers in your bedroom. Put gold coins in an attractive container to attract wealth.   Post a picture of the BMW you want on your refrigerator.  Let your space express what you want to attract.

Express your authentic self.  If you see your true self as deeply spiritual, paint a wall purple.  If you are meticulous, organize your space to be functional.  If you are whimsical and your rule is to live life without rules, swing the windows open, crank up your favorite CD, and dance the night away. Let your space express your authentic self. 

Express your intention to prosper and grow.  If your intention is to have caring people in your life, get rid of pictures of your toxic “ex”.  If your intention is to raise your sense of self, get rid of an old book and buy a new book on self-improvement.  If your intention is to climb the corporate ladder, gift your old clothes to men and women getting off of welfare.  Let your space express your intention to prosper and grow.

Action Steps
You can begin by doing the following: 

  • Clear out clutter.
  • Design your space in a way that speaks to you.
  • Create a private space in your home where you can get quiet.

Bottom line:  What is happening around you is a reflection of what is happening inside of you.

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help.  ⚅⚄

This working mom is in her quiet space checking out places to vacation in 2015.

This working mom is in her quiet space checking out places to vacation in 2015.