6 Needs to Be Happy

I wanted to find one word (and one picture) to describe what 2015 became for me. And I found it! It's growth! In fact, my awareness/growth/learning was so much in 2015 it's beyond what I ever dreamed of -- and for which I give grateful acknowledgement.

So how about you? Can you pin down one word to describe your year? 

Many of you had a magical year, but many of you maybe had a challenging year filled with loss, or pain, or struggle. Just know that 2016 can change that. Because, you can grow from every struggle. Growth can come from pain. Loss can cause growth.

To share with you why it's like that, Tony Robbins teaches that there are 6 basic needs and that all pain comes from feeling like one your 6 needs are not being met (from Unleash the Power Within). Here they are:
1  The need for certainty
2  The need for uncertainty
3  The need for significance
4  The need for connection and love
5  The need to grow
6  The need to contribute beyond yourself in a meaningful way

Needs 1-4 are fundamental and Needs 5 & 6 can take you to fully experiencing happiness and success. So if you're wanting happiness and success, focus on getting those 6 needs met. (Gentle reminder: This post is merely one tip to living life fully so don't stop reaching for other tips to living a passionate and happy life.) 

Going forward, I encourage you to make a plan. Figure out what's important to you. In other words, where do you want to grow spiritually, financially, mentally, with your relationships? Write down what you want and decide what you must do to make it happen.

Get up every day focused on your plan. Read your plan. Feel it. Do it. If your plan is to get physically healthy, head out for your 15 minute walk. If your plan is to end a toxic relationship, say no when they call and ask you for coffee. 

And by working your plan, you're happy. You're successful. You care about you. You care about others. Your life has meaning. You have passion. You have energy. You're contributing beyond yourself in a meaningful way. 

Your new year will be your best year. You will be your best you. Completely filled with happiness and success. And it will happen because you made one simple decision to grow.

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help. ⚅⚄