I Did It

If you can, I want you to say this statement out loud, "I did it!"

Why do I want you to say that sentence? Because. Sometimes we forget to simply remember that we did it. We completed a project. We ended a toxic relationship. We cooked an amazing meal. 

Often, we get so focused on how we need to rev up for our next big breakthrough that we don't acknowledge the small everyday things we do. Or, we beat ourself up thinking enough just wasn't enough. Or, we think it's tacky to pat ourself on the back.

And, one thing I've learned from doing this myself, is that mostly every time I accomplished something (big or small) there were no trumpets blowing. No fireworks. No phone calls from people congratulating me. 

So, think long and hard about what you've done, what you did, and what you're going to do. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Let them fill you with a sense of happiness, achievement, and pride.

You've got to do it for yourself because it's you who needs to hear it.

If you need anything, just email me. I'm always here to help. ⚅⚄