The word blocked can mean a number of things. There's blocked arteries. You can have an account blocked. And, don't forget blocked tear ducts.

But what about Blocked Love? What is that? If you've never heard of it, I'm not surprised. To tell you the truth, I created the phrase to explain what — for me, personally — is the ultimate feeling surrounding love with another person.

Let me explain what it is, even though, it might not make any sense.  

Blocked Love means you experience a love so deep, so intense, that everything else is blocked from entering that moment. It's rare. It's powerful. It's so delicious you feel as though you don't want to wake up from the experience.  

I've experienced Blocked Love. And, when I did, I didn't want to wake up. I wanted to stay in that state until eternity. How about you? Has Blocked Love ever happen to you? If it has, you're fortunate. 

If you need anything, just ask. I'm always here to help.  ⚅⚄