No Need for Conscious Reasoning

Are you up for doing an exercise with me? Ok, here we go. 

Let's say you've been given the gift of spending time with one very special person. They're special because they have the ability to tell you what you need to know to grow and become your true self. In other words, they know — exactly — what to say to you. 

As you listen to them, what are they saying? Write it down. Record every word. Don't worry about the order, grammar, or if it makes any sense or not. Trust your special person. They connect with you on a deep level, and they have your best interest at heart.

If you did the exercise, and the talking has stopped, how did it go? Here are some possible reactions:

  • The exercise felt really stupid, you couldn't hear anyone talking, and it didn't work.
  • The exercise did work, but you don't trust/believe what you heard.
  • What you heard hit the nail on the head, and now you're freaked out.

Please accept whatever you felt or experienced (even if it didn't work), because every reaction means something. Using this exercise can give you insight into what you need to move forward.

Here are three really important points:
#1   Make time to listen to your intuition.
#2  Being constantly busy, stressed, and worried is what keeps you from hearing your intuition.
#3  The 'other' special person is really — you. 

Allow time to go inward, and really listen to what it is you need. This is the first big step to moving forward.

Hope that helps.