Brush Magic

My hair stylist only sees me when I need to get ready for a speaking engagement. So, if work is slow, I'm not in the salon that much. But, since work is crazy busy, I’ve been at the hair salon — a lot. 

When I’m there, I notice that many of the customers seem to be focused on the negative. They share with their stylist how unhappy they are, how stressed they are, or how they feel there is some sort of lack in their life.  

From my perspective, the negative customer never really relaxes. They don’t seem to enjoy the hour they spend in the chair. They seem to be rehashing hurts and pain —  both old and new — over and over. In other words, they leave feeling the same way they came in.

As you read this, I invite you to observe what you’re like when you’re doing everyday stuff: eating, walking, or talking with your family. Are you thinking (or talking) about your unhappiness, your unending stress, or constant worry?

The good news is, becoming aware of your thoughts, is the first step to personal growth. (Remember, awareness helps you change.) Now, you’re in a position to choose. Choosing to see what you can and can’t control — is where you get your power. 

Try, if you can, to catch yourself when you’re thinking negative thoughts. Stop yourself. Choose to refocus on the moment. Focus on what you can control. And, the only thing you can control — in that moment — is what you choose to think.

Hope that helps.

Now, I’ve got to get going. I have a hair appointment.