Very Little Pleasure

How often do you find yourself involved in business activities you don't really like to do? For me, it seems like I'm working on one project after another that is either too time consuming, too difficult to figure out, or just weird (for some reason).

This makes my day feel like honey s l o w l y pouring off a spoon. And, since I'm Miss Impatient, the slowness feels almost unbearable at times. And, when it gets too much to handle, I'll distract myself. I'll eat. I'll take a bath. I'll look for a necklace I lost about two years ago. 

I quickly realize I'm only drawing out the time it takes to finish my work. I'm going in the wrong direction. It will take forever to get something completed at this rate.

Focus is the answer. One point of focus. I tell myself, "Focus." And, I keep telling myself until I complete one of the projects. Try it. It works.