Saying Something Bad

Let's say you're out today doing your thing. What words are your hearing? What words are you thinking?  

When you think and speak a word, it sets that image in your brain. And, if the image is positive, it works for you. If the image is negative, it works against you.

Your power comes from consciously choosing to view your images as positive — whether they are are not. For example, when I had my updated website critiqued, it wasn't good. But, I took what I heard and said, "Take these words in. See them positively. Apply the changes." 

It worked. The person critiquing my site saw something I couldn't see. Had I only seen the negative in what they said, I couldn't have seen the positive. That was simply my choice.

So, how can you implement this way of thinking? I'm not sure. By that I mean, everyone is unique. Everyone grows in a different way. You need to find your way. And, if you can do that on your own, get started. If not, find someone who can help you move forward.

If you need anything, just ask. I'm always here to help.  ⚅⚄