Today I'm Getting Personal

If you follow my blog, you know my passion is helping you be your best self. To that end, I write mostly about you. But today I'm writing something personal about me. (I'm hoping my story helps you in some way.)

This past week, I did my annual physical. For the life of me, I don't know why I put so much fussing and energy over having a physical, but, every year, I do.

My name is called. I get weighed, pulse checked, and blood pressure taken. I’m asked to undress and put on a gown with the open side back, then sit on the table.

My doctor comes in and starts asking me questions while he’s checking various places on my body. (You fill in for yourself where those places might be.)

He finishes the exam, has me sit up, and tells me to get dressed. He returns after about five minutes.

Now, we’re sitting at his work space area in the exam room. It's time to hear his findings. I'm staring at him and he's not saying a word. I'm thinking, how I'm doing? Am I ok? Did he see anything? 

After a long pause, he looks at me, and said two words. 

Now remember, I had every inch of my body examined. And after all that, my entire health status was summed up in TWO WORDS! 

He said, “Nice feet.” Bam. Done.

After researching those two words, I now know why those two words say it all. 

As always, if you need anything, just ask. I'm always here to help. ⚅⚄