Guardian Angels Who Fish

I had to fly home from Alaska last Friday night after a week-long speaking tour. I boarded the flight and took my seat at 16D. The middle seat next to me was empty. A guy sat next to window. He was flying to Alaska to go fishing with a buddy.

Even though it's July, I brought my double-breasted hooded wool jacket. My fisherman window guy (wearing shorts) said, "I won't even ask about your jacket."

I'm totally beat. I can hardly keep my eyes open. It's a long flight home. It's late. I reach up, and turn up the overhead air vent. It's on so strong that it's blowing my hair around.

I take my wool coat and drape it over me. (A lot of women will drape — and not wear — their coat). It seems to cover better.

As I'm ready to fall asleep, my fisherman window guy leans over, smiles, and said softly, "When you get too cold, tell me. I'll turn your air down."

About every half hour he stopped watching his movie. He would either glance over at me, or ask me, "Are you too cold?"

This went on the whole trip. I didn't realize how much he fussed over me at the time. I guess it was because I was too tired to notice.

The next day, though, it hit me. While I was drifting in and out of sleep, my fisherman window guy watched out for me for that whole flight.

In hindsight, his presence was heavenly.