What did she say?

It’s 4 p.m. I’m speaking at a conference in a gorgeous hotel ballroom. The place is packed. I’m standing on a chair so people in the back of this huge room can see me. The audience is about ready to leave after a day of training. They just heard me teach a topic called Emotional Intelligence (how to handle your emotions).

As I’m just about to say good luck and good bye, a woman yells out, “You know what Sandra ― I didn’t really like you ― when I first heard you speak.”

Now, the room is totally quiet. The audience is waiting for my reaction. The fact is, I had no reaction. I simply smiled, and thanked that gal for her feedback.

But, when everyone was leaving, many attendees commented, “Wow. That’s the ultimate example of great emotional control, Sandra. Didn’t her comment upset you?” My reply was, “Just remember what I taught you today.”

* It’s ok if someone doesn't like you. * Someone not liking you has nothing to do with how you feel about you. * Go neutral. (That means you feel and give no negative reaction.)

It was a great week out on the road. But, I was sure happy to enjoy my piece of long-awaited cake when the week was over.

Life Is Fabulous!