Dream on.

I woke up this morning and realized something. Last night, I had a dream repeat. But. It’s not just any dream. It’s the same dream ― about the same person― and it keeps happening every night. I’m thinking, “How can this be? What does this dream mean?” So, I decided to dig for some information. Here are three things I learned about dreaming:

#1 Your dreams reflect your own underlying thoughts and feelings. Meaning: The people, actions, settings and emotions in your dreams are personal to you.

#2 By thinking about what each dream element means to you (or reminds you of), and the associations it has with your waking life, you can learn to understand your dreams.

#3 Understanding the meaning of the recurrent dream sometimes can help the dreamer resolve an issue that he or she has been struggling with for years.

So. If you ask me ― what my recurring dream means to me ― I haven’t a clue. And. Understand it or not, I’m not even sure I want it to stop.

Life Is Fabulous!