Unexpected help.

On Wednesday, me and my co-trainer finished a day of speaking, then head to LAX to catch a flight to San Francisco. Before we turned in our rental car, we needed to refuel. We drive to a gas station — located at the entrance to the LAX airport. I’m driving. I turn the car off, swing my door open, and look for a switch to pop the gas tank cover open.

I hear this guy say, “Just pull it open.” I get out of the car and smile at this guy. I believe he was a homeless person.

I pull the cover open, then look at the nozzle as I try to pick the right type of gas to get. He says, “Here. I’ll do that. You don’t need premium.” He pumps the gas.

I get my credit card to pay and he says, “No. Turn it around the other way.” I flipped my card over. He then said, “Don’t forget your receipt.”

See. I was completely fried. My brain was melted from a day of speaking. Him helping me was just what I needed. I was just too tired to think. And, I don’t believe he was at the gas station to pump gas. I believe he was just wanting people to give him money.

When I get back into the rental car, I look for a couple of bucks to give to him. When I reach out to give him the money I said, “Thank you for helping me.”

He looked at me and said, “Lady. It feels so good to be wanted. I haven’t felt that in a long time.” He shut my door, stood tall, winked, and we said goodbye.

Life Is Fabulous!