Be all in.

“I’ve got to get home earlier than two in the morning.” That was my goal for the last day of my speaking tour on Thursday. I was confirmed on a flight from Anchorage that was to arrive in Seattle at 2 a.m. Around 48 hours prior to my flight home, I made a bunch of calls to the Alaska Airlines 800 number hoping to get on standby for the earlier 5 p.m. flight. Every call ended the same: that 5 p.m. flight is completely full.

Now. It’s Thursday. We finish our last day of training. It’s time to head for the Anchorage airport. We turn in our rental car, and, I head for the Alaska Airlines ticket counter. “Any room for me on your 5 p.m. flight to Seattle?” I asked.

The gal at the ticket counter said, “Nope. In fact, the earlier 3:25 p.m. flight was cancelled. Now. We’re overbooked. I can’t even put you on standby. You can go to the gate if you want to, but, you probably won’t get on.”

I head to Gate C3. I walk up to the gate agent and ask, “Any room for me on your 5 p.m. flight?” She replied, “Nope. In fact, I already have over 12 people on standby. But, you know what, let me put your name on the standby list anyway. Just have a seat. I won’t know what’s available until everyone boards.”

The 5 p.m. flight final boarding announcement is made. Everyone is boarded. It’s a completely full flight. I keep my eyes glued on Connie — the gate agent. Then, Connie yells out, “Run, Sandra.”

I jump up, grab my new boarding pass, and start running. I run past the terminal door — it slams shut behind me. I run down the bridge — the baggage guy grabs my bag — then his door slams shut behind him. I run onto the airplane — and the cockpit door slams shut and gets locked.

I’m on. I look around. Every seat is taken. And, the passengers are staring at me like, “Where the heck did you come from?”

I uncrumple my boarding pass, and look at my seat number. Connie gave me 1A. That’s the first seat — in First Class. In a word: Unbelievable.

Bottom line: You never know. So. Never give up.

Life Is Fabulous!